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16 October 2009 @ 01:30 am
Welcome to ©S&J's World. This is a site that is a mixture of providing artwork, character music videos, and layouts (My Space). We are also writers here, so will be posting fanfiction as well.

There are two maintainers currently. Myself, la_spike and sor_sexywicked .

To view are posts in their entirety you must be a member of our community. Once you have been approved, upon one of our maintainers viewing your profile and making sure it isn't completely bare or suspect of being a spammer, you will be able to view all entries, as well as post entries that feature your own artwork, character music videos, or fanfiction. If you are known to one of us personally, then please comment this entry, saying who you are, which will probably be a character name from My Space.

Requests will be welcome once this site has been brought up to date fully, until then requests will be closed. You will be notified when requests are open.

Please note: Most posts made at this site will be relevant to the Whedonverse; predominantly BTVS, and AtS. Member posts that fall into this verse are very much welcome.

Thank you for showing interest in this community.